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Architecture & Interior Design

Education Goal


University Department: to cultivate both academic and practical ability of the architectural and interior design and decoration of the professionals in the technical system under the education system to enhance China's industrial technology goals, to the development of holistic education as the main axis, cultivate a good practice ethics, noble character , In order to integrate the architectural design and interior design professional as the main axis, in the academic theory and technology based on the operation, both design and development of the capacity of the construction and interior design professionals.

Institute: fostering higher order, the innovative architecture and interior design of research and development personnel in line with the current sustainable development of the built environment and the globalization trend exquisite residence space, and with an international outlook and love of local environment of professional designers, both in Artistic humanities and the use of science and technology capacity, the development of love and architecture of the interior environment of professional construction and interior design and R & D personnel.


Explore regional characteristics and development-related technologies.

+ Emphasis on industrialization, internationalization, informationization, integration.
+ Implement the practical ability of design, promote the close combination of industry and academia, cultivate students practical ability.To promote intercollegiate communication, to promote international cooperation in teaching and research .
+ with the development of cultural and creative industries, caring for the construction of humanities, to explore regional characteristics and development-related technologies.
+ Develop relevant technologies in emerging areas in response to social changes and international trends.